Celebration of Life 2022







Why do we choose to celebrate those lives we serve at The Retreat Hospice?

Why choose to Celebrate at all? Celebrate and hospice aren’t two words that we put together often.

We know there is so much more to end of life care than just taking care of the patient. We want to take care of the whole family, and that includes those left grieving.

So, we celebrate, we know that every life we touch is worthy of celebrating.

We celebrate the mothers, the fathers, the sons and daughters. We celebrate the lives that were lived and the impact that each life had on our community. We celebrate them for who they were and the lives they touched. We celebrate because we know that their lives made a difference too.

We grieve together; staff and family because when all is said and done, we are all family.

We all grieve together.

We laugh together, cry together and love together.

We heal together in community.

We connect with others just like us.

We remember them.

We talk about them, we tell their stories and slowly mend our broken hearts.

We know that healing happens when we share our stories with others.

Celebrating our loved ones gives us a chance to be surrounded by those who are honest about their grief. We can be with other people who are desperate to feel heard in their sadness.

To us, it is about so much more than celebrating life. It is another opportunity to share our love. We share in our collective grief journey. We see the beauty in our brokenness.

We are always grateful.

-The Retreat Bereavement Team

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  1. This is so healing and strengthening for all the survivors. I wish more churches and hospices did this, Katie. Thankful yours does.

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