The Heart of a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

Flowers through the concrete.

No matter the line of work you are in, a volunteer can play a vital role. Volunteers are the glue that helps an organization to fill the gaps that occur when extra hands are needed but not available.

It happens that I get to work in one of the most fragile but rewarding lines of work there is. Hospice. The big H word. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked the question “how do you do it?” I’d be a rich girl. This is not easy work and it is certainly not for everyone. It takes a peculiar person to make a difference in the world of hospice.

During my time with Saad Hospice, I have learned so much about truly having a heart for hospice. That is why I take the role of Volunteer Coordinator with the utmost respect and honor. The effects a volunteer can have on a patient or family have the power to sow lifelong seeds of peace and joy.

That’s where I come in. My heart for this position is deep. It’s not just a job because I love our patients/families and care for their best interest. We have patients who have no one and caregivers who have no help. There are many times I carry a burden in my heart for them. This is the reason that my desire for this position is to be able to find a volunteer who perfectly matches with a patient or caregiver. From hobbies and interest to availability and consistency, I make it a duty to lay the platform for a perfect friendship to form in the midst of the darkest times. A flower growing up through the concrete type of situation.

Now here is where you step in. In order to help patients and families to have their flower through the concrete moment, we have to have flowers.. I mean volunteers! I think a smiling face, good conversation or even just a listening ear has so much potential to make a difference in someone’s life especially when they truly need a friend. 

Hospice is hard for us but even harder for them. If you have a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, start here. It could be once a week or once a month and either way you would be sincerely appreciated, valued and cherished by these patients and families. You will never regret it and I can stand firmly on that statement.

This is only but a small part of a volunteer coordinator’s heart. My hope in sharing my heart with you is that you truly see the opportunity you have to make a difference in someone’s life.

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