Celebrating love

There is no stopping February 14th from rearing its ugly head. When you are grieving it can be difficult to think about anything, much less love.  So, even thinking for a moment about a day solely dedicated to love can be nauseating. But, what if we shifted how we view grief, just for the day?  […]

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New Year. New Grief?

2023 here we come! New Years Resolutions will soon fill your social media feeds. Your friends conversations.  New Year! New You!  Pressure to be thinner.  Smarter.  Eat better.  Read more.  Complain less.  You will be encouraged to leave 2022 behind.  Those of you living in heavy grief don’t get to leave what happened in 2022 […]

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Holiday Grief

It can be difficult enough to just survive the holiday season, but add in a little or a whole lot of grief and our hearts can easily become two sizes too small. Grieving during the holiday season can be extremely isolating. In all seriousness, getting through our first holiday season, or any holiday season without […]

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